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"Our mission is to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, tools, systems and support needed to become financially free.”

 Just over a year ago, Victory Green Realty joined Renatus, discovering a financial "Way to Wealth and Prosperity."  Renatus is led by Bob Snyder 25-year entrepreneur veteran. Victory Green Realty, seized the valuable educational and financial opportunity Renatus had to offer. 

Renatus offers in-depth online training to become a successful, knowledgeable real estate investor. Students have the flexibility to learn through: Video Class Rooms, Live webinars, local and national seminars.  Or if you prefer audio only, you can download the MP3s from the Audio Library available to you anytime.    


~    Victory Green Realty Believes   ~

"You Have Something Special! 

You Have Greatness Within You!

 You Can Do More Than You Could Ever Begin To Imagine!" 

 ~ Les Brown

 Benjamin Franklin says, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest. He also said, " To succeed, Jump as quickly at opportunities, as you do at conclusions."  

Bill Gate says, "I will Always Choose a Lazy Person to Do a Difficult Job,... because He Will Find an Easy Way to Do It!"

He also said, "As We Look Ahead Into The Next Century, 

Leaders will be those who Empower others!"

"Real People, Real Results"

Check out this great video! Michael Huggins Review on Renatus Education.

"Real People, Real Results"

Check out this great video!  Pacifico Dumbrique's Review on Renatus Education.

"Real People, Real Results"

Check out this great video! Bill Oehme Reviews Renatus Real Estate Education.  

Watch this Exciting Video! Chris White from Denver, CO attending Renatus Leaders Retreat! 

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Victory Green Realty

6441 Chickasaw Trail Suite 163, Orlando, FL 32828

Phone / Text (904) 601-5454

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